Fire Department Remodeling Station Addition To House Newest Truck

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August 16, 2001

Fire Department Remodeling Station Addition To House Newest Truck

The Scotland County Fire Department is adding to the fleet of protection vehicles it offers to the community while also giving the department's newest building a facelift.

Two new garage doors have been installed on the department's auxiliary station, the former automotive service station located just south of the existing fire department building. The building also has a new roof, as contractors recently upgraded the building from a flat, tar-coated roof, to an engineered tress roof.

Additional work is planned for the site, with masonry repairs the next on the list. Following completion of these repairs the department has indicated a desire to have the building sided.

The building initially had been slotted for demolition, but the department determined the site could be utilized to house two additional fire trucks as well as the possible creation of a vented room to fill fire extinguishers and other proposed work stations.

The building is being used to house the back-up water tanker truck as well as the department's newest addition. The Missouri Department of Conservation recently awarded a 1986 GMC diesel 1-1/4 ton truck to the Scotland County Fire Department.

The department accepted the grant and quickly transformed the truck into a new brush fire unit. A skid was purchased for the bed of the truck, which features a pair of hose reels as well as a water tank.

The new truck has been in service for several weeks and currently is being used by the department at its weekly outings at the racetrack. The department sends a volunteer crew to the track every Saturday evening for fire protection as well as vehicle extrication purposes.

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