Family Farms Pork Cooperative To Hold Meeting In Memphis

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September 6, 2001

Family Farms Pork Cooperative To Hold Meeting In Memphis

Local corn farmers have experienced the success of a farmer-owner cooperative in the form of the Northeast Missouri Grain Producers ethanol plant. Now area livestock producers may get a similar opportunity.

The Family Farms Pork Cooperative has announced the start of the official equity drive for the new-generation cooperative pork processing plant in Missouri. This producer-owned plant will be located in Shelbina with a maximum slaughter capacity of 2,400 head per day.

The cooperative's mission is to provide slaughter facilities to its member producers through the sale of shackle space. The driving force behind this effort is to ensure that pork producers have a way to market their products at a fair price.

On July 30 a series of 17 meetings began across the state to distribute offering circulars and information regarding the business proposal. A meeting will be held in Memphis September 12 at Firstar Bank beginning at 6:30 p.m. Financial projections and marketing information are included in the presentations. Producers are encouraged to bring other producers in the cooperative spirit.

"The process and information regarding the cooperative has been developed with producers in mind," said project coordinator Glenn Turner. "The board, their consultants and advisors have worked diligently to bring this offering to producers and encourage everyone to consider this opportunity for pork producers."

Following the Memphis meeting the membership drive will conclude with a September 18 meeting in Alton followed by the final meeting September 20 in Shelbina at the American Legion Building.

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