Missouri Rotarians Raise $95,000 To Help 9-11 Victims

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December 6, 2001

Missouri Rotarians Raise $95,000 To Help 9-11 Victims

One-hundred-sixty Missouri Rotary Clubs with more than 8,500 members have raised $95,000 on behalf of New York's victims of the terrorist attack on September 11. The statewide drive was called "Missouri Rotarians for New York" and involved a wide variety of activities by the individual Rotary Clubs and Rotarians. Proceeds of these local drives were collected and combined into a single effort representing a donation from the entire state.

Rotary Governor Larry Lunsford, District 6040, representing northern Missouri; Governor Bill Schuck, District 6060, representing eastern Missouri; and Governor Jerry W. Franklin, District 6080, representing central Missouri, coordinated the fundraising drive. All donations will be sent to the New York Rotary Foundation of the Rotary Club of New York, which will manage and distribute the money to those affected by the attack.

The Scotland County Rotary Club raised $200 for the project while also lending resources to the Scotland County Fire Department's soup supper benefit that raised several thousand dollars for the families of slain firemen in the New York City tragedy.

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