Dr. Schneider Serves As Physician For A Day At State Capitol

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February 7, 2002

Dr. Schneider Serves As Physician For A Day At State Capitol

Doctor Robert Schneider recently returned to Memphis after serving as Physician for the Day at the State Capitol. This marked the second time Dr. Schneider has received the honor of serving as the doctor for the state legislators.

"Basically our job is to provide health care to anyone at the capital who needs it," Dr. Schneider said. "You take your medical bag and do a lot of blood pressure checks and health counseling."

The honor also holds practical value as the doctor gets an opportunity to discuss health care issues with the legislators as well as other topics of interest back home.

"I had the opportunity to spend lots of time with our guys, Representative Sam Berkowitz and Senator John Cauthorn. They are two neat guys who both really care about their constituents."

Dr. Schneider got the special honor of being on the floor for the annual address by the Missouri Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen Limbaugh.

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