City Marshal Resigns After Council Votes To Suspend Him For 2 Weeks

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February 14, 2002

City Marshal Resigns After Council Votes To Suspend Him For 2 Weeks

Long-time Memphis City Marshal Terry Simerl tendered his resignation from the position following a meeting with the Memphis City Council in executive session on February 7.

At the meeting aldermen Ron Gardner, Mike Stone and Cindy Garrett voted to suspend Simerl two-weeks with pay. Alderman Patty Simerl, Terry's wife, was not in attendance for the special hearing, which followed the regularly scheduled council meeting at city hall. The city council did not comment on the reason behind the suspension.

Following the suspension vote by the aldermen, Simerl reportedly resigned from the office. A press release issued by the city stated Simerl will resign effective March 4 following the completion of the two-weeks paid suspension and an additional two weeks of paid vacation owed to the marshal.

The council appointed officer Mike Steeples to serve as interim police chief until a special meeting was held Monday February 11, at 3:15 p.m. Simerl will remain as the interim marshal until Simerl's resignation takes effect in March. He will then serve in the official capacity of police chief for the remainder of Simerl's term until the April 2 election.

Simerl still remains a candidate on the official ballot for election as City Marshal in April. According to city hall he had not requested his name be removed from the ballot. He can do so until the official ballots are sent to the printer. Simerl may also remain on the ballot, and could be elected to return to serve as City Marshal.

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