Dr. Miller First Area Surgeon To Use 'Springlock' Clamps

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April 4, 2002

Dr. Miller First Area Surgeon To Use 'Springlock' Clamps

Dr. Celeste Miller is leaving her mark at Scotland County Memorial Hospital, even if it is a smaller mark. Miller is the first surgeon in the area to begin using a new device called a "Springlock", a smaller internal clip used to close incisions, resulting in smaller marks or scars.

The new 5mm device is being used during laproscopic cholecystectomy (removal of the gallbladder), which is performed through several small incisions.

The Springlock was designed by surgeons to decrease the risk of clips becoming dislodged. "The device is designed so that it clips more securely on the structures that are being ligated," Dr. Miller said.

Studies have shown the 5mm Springlock clip to be more secure than the 10mm clip that is commonly being used by most hospitals. The report also indicates the Springlock decreases the chances of a bile leak or bleeding after surgery.

The new device offers several advantages for the patient. The Springlock requires a smaller incision, meaning less pain for the patient and a quicker recovery.

The operation is normally performed on an outpatient basis with the patient returning home either the same afternoon or the following day. Most patients are fully recovered within one week.

Dr. Miller is the Chief of Surgery at Scotland County Memorial Hospital. The board certified surgeon recently returned from New York to Scotland County, her childhood home.

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