Memphis Police Officer Thwarts Theft Of Fertilizer

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April 11, 2002

Memphis Police Officer Thwarts Theft Of Fertilizer

It's that time of year for farmers to be heading to the field with fertilizer. It's also that time of year for methamphetamine makers to have easy pickings in stealing anhydrous ammonia, a key ingredient in the manufacture of the illegal drug.

An officer from the Memphis Police Department apparently disrupted such a theft in progress at the Memphis MFA plant at 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 2.

The officer pulled into the parking lot of the facility to do a security check when he noticed three individuals near one of the fertilizer tanks. The three suspects immediately took off on foot and were able to elude the officer. Additional officers from the police department as well as the Scotland County Sheriff's Department were called to the scene to assist in the search but the suspects were not located.

No anhydrous was stolen from the tank as the officer interrupted the process before the tank had been opened to pour off some of the dangerous chemical.

The police department and the sheriff's office remind area farmers to secure their fertilizer tanks and be aware of any suspicious activity on their property. They also ask citizens to report any suspicious activity at any of the area fertilizer dealers' facilities.

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