Gorin R-III Gets $11,642 To Insure 'No Child Left Behind'

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October 3, 2002

Gorin R-III Gets $11,642 To Insure 'No Child Left Behind'

Gorin R-III School was among several northeast Missouri schools that recently learned from U.S. Congressman Kenny Hulshof that they will be receiving federal funding from the United States Department of Education.

Hulshof announced September 16 that 32 schools in his ninth congressional district are receiving more than $712,000 in the Small Rural Schools Achievement Program. The money is available as result of House Bill 1, the "No Child Left Behind Act", the education reform package approved by Congress and signed into law by the President this year.

"One of many reasons I supported the No Child Left Behind Act is because it dedicated funding to address the unique needs and challenges facing our small, rural schools," Hulshof said. Education is the great equalizer and all of our children deserve the opportunity to learn. I applaud these schools for taking advantage of this funding and hope it will be a significant benefit for our children."

Gorin R-III will receive $11,642 through the program. The Luray School District earned $15,919 while Revere C-III got $11,923 and Wyaconda was awarded $12,588.

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