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October 31, 2002

Paul Campbell

1. Do you feel Missouri will have to increase taxes in order to improve the state's highway and transportation systems?

Before raising taxes we need to take a look at the MoDOT budget and see if there are better ways of utilizing and saving funds as a way to apply those funds to new construction and maintenance for our roads and bridges. We also need to focus on legislation to increase the amount of federal funds being withheld due to current state law.

2. Agriculture is the life force of our community. What types of legislation do you support to help local farmers?

The Packers and Livestock Yards Act is either antiquated or not being enforced and does not cover practices used by the packer today. I would be in favor of limiting packer ownership of livestock, if it didn't include contract growers and new generation cooperatives. I would continue to support legislation and incentives passed by the legislature to allow use and expanded growth of Ethanol, Soy-Diesel and other value-added products.

3. A tight budget forced plenty of debate over funding for education. Do you feel that maintaining full funding for the foundation formula is a top priority?

Yes, with declining enrollment in most rural school districts. Declining enrollment equates to less state and federal funds. Federal and state mandates need to have a funding source, and it is vital that the foundation formula be fully funded. Without full funding our school districts will be faced with difficult decisions involving staff cuts, reduced class offerings, and cuts in extra-curricular offerings. The issues directly effect the education of our children, the future of our country.

4. Concealed weapons have been a topic of debate for several years in our state. Do you favor legislation that would allow law-abiding citizens the right to carry concealed weapons?

Yes, with appropriate background checks and the necessary training in the use of weapons.

5. Health care costs continue to skyrocket. What can we do on a state level to help our senior citizens and residents as a whole to be able to afford the necessary medication and treatment?

We need to expand the Prescription Drug Program passed by the legislature to include more of our seniors by raising the income guidelines, which are below poverty level. The top three reasons for increasing prescription drug prices are:

1- consumer advertising

2- research/development

3- profit margins

Once a product has acquired recognition within the market, advertising could be reduced for that product and savings passed on to the consumer in the form of lower prices. I would suggest we form a committee of insurance, medical, and legislative personnel to present ideas for reducing costs.

6. Why should I vote for you? Please name and explain one top platform issue that makes you the best candidate for the job.

It is hard to pick one top platform issue. In the 1st District I feel that education, transport-ation, agriculture, family businesses and senior issues are equally important. I feel voters should vote for me because:

1- I am currently Public Administrator for Scotland County. In this position I work with Residential Care facilities and am aware of the problems they face. Increased mandates with no funding, money being withheld by our state government, under staffed and rising health care costs. I will work to help correct these problems.

2- I have been on the Scotland County R-I School Board the past 10 years. So I am aware of the issues facing education.

3- I farm with my son, where we raise corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and cattle. I am aware of issues farmers face today.

I am currently employed by Scotland County Soil & Water Conservation District, serve as Public Administrator for Scotland County, farm, serve on many community committees and organizations. As you can see I am not afraid of hard work or the time this position will require of me.

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