Scholarships, Honors Handed Out At SCR-I Academic Awards Night

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May 23, 2002

Scholarships, Honors Handed Out At SCR-I Academic Awards Night

Scotland County R-I School held its annual Awards Night in the high school gym May 13.

Awards presented were as follows:

Departmental Awards were presented by Donna Billington. Art - Art Appreciation, Jennifer Crawford; Studio Art, Samantha Fogle; Drawing, Chase Moore; Painting, Sheena Barton; CA Drawing, Jonathan Holton; Arts and Crafts, Shanda Darland; Fundamentals, Mary Sumption and Valerie Crawford; Exhibition Awards, Chase Moore, Angie Trueblood, Sheena Barton, Rebecca Miller, Jennifer Crawford, John Grogan, Kim Bair, and Faith Woods; Capital Exhibition Awards, Chase Moore, Carola Voss, and Angie Trueblood.

Business Awards were presented by Carol McCabe and Anna Jean Mathes: Mrs. McCabe presented awards to Amanda Watkins, Leslie Duley, Logan Trueblood, Clint Cottrell, Jonathan Holton, Rhonda Miller, Kiel Fogle, Elizabeth Monroe, Jenna Shalley, and Katie Schneider. Mrs. Mathes presented awards for Speed Writing to Rebecca Miller; Accounting to Rhonda Miller and Brandi Orton, and General Business, Chase Hines.

Family and Consumer Science Department Awards were presented by Marsha Goucher: Eight FACS, Angie Bulen; FACS I, Kayla Ebeling; FACS I, Warren Poil; Clothing Construction, Jennifer Crawford; Most Improved Clothing Construction, Amber Green; Foods, Chase Hines.

Language Arts Department Awards presented by Connie Courtney, Sara Wight, Stephanie Fowler, and Chris Dunham: Mrs. Couch presented the Eighth Grade English Awards to Brittney Courtright and Ali Fromm; Ninth Grade English, Amanda Watkins. She also presented Drama Awards to Sheena Barton, Lindsey Fincher, Andrew Graham, John Grogan, Christine Kirchner, Andrea Kirkpatrick, Becky Miller, Robbie Miller, Amy Jo Morgan, Michael Neese, Davin Newman, Latitia Sherman, Stevie Simerl, Jenny Stone, and Carola Voss. Ms. Wight presented awards to Brock Meeks, Applied Communication; Jonathan Holton, Publications; Betsy Hines, Publications; Jennifer Crawford, English III. Mrs. Fowler presented English II awards to Sara Eggleston, and College English to Rebecca Miller. Ms. Dunham, presented awards for Spanish I to Christine Kirchner, Carola Voss, Brett Hoskinson: Spanish II, Megan Walker, Sara Eggleston, Rebecca Consbrock, Leah Smith; and Jennifer Crawford, Spanish III; French II, Renee Briggs, Emily Kiddoo, and Danielle Shelley.

Mathematics Department Awards were presented by Terry Sommers: Trig, Amy Morgan, Jennifer Crawford, and Michael Lodewegen; Algebra II, Rebecca Miller, Amanda Watkins, Rebecca Consbrock, Megan Walker; Geometry, Meagan Fromm, Chase Moore, Christine Kirchner, Rhonda Miller, Latitia Sherman; Advanced Algebra, Brittney Courtright, Emily Kiddoo, Katie Schneider, and Sara Eggleston (also Business Math).

Music Department Awards, presented by Chris Yarbrough: Kirk Stott, Aarron Holt, Andrea Kirkpatrick, Jenna Dial, Amanda Schmitz, Andrea Shaffer, and Sheena Barton.

Science Department Awards, presented by Connie Courtney: Chemistry I, Christine Kirchner, Latitia Sherman, Sara Eggleston; Chemistry II, Jennifer Crawford; Zoology, Betsy Hines; Physi-ology, Meagan Fromm and Chase Moore.

Social Science Department Awards, presented by Gary Hunziker, Marc Colvin, Barbara Campbell, and Tom O'Donnell. Mr. Hunziker presented Junior High Contemporary Issues to Kelly Cochenour; High School Contemporary Issues, Emily Kiddoo; American History, Leslie Duley, Amanda Watkins, and Lacey Williams. Mr. Colvin presented American Government Awards to Emily Kiddoo and Christine Kirchner; Geography, Brian Dial and Kiel Fogle; World History, Danielle Shelley and Stephen Schneider. Mr. Campbell presented awards to Ryan Hinds and Rebecca Miller. Mr. O'Donnell presented History Day to Emily Kiddoo, Hannah Kiddoo, and Julie Triplett; Andrew Bulen and Katie Kittle.

Community and Organiza-tional Awards. Freshman Citizenship sponsored by 1st District Representative Sam Berkowitz presented by Connie Courtney to Michael Fulk.

TATU Certificates were presented by Brent Bondurant to Jenny Stone, Michael Lodewegen, Brandi Mallett, Angie Trueblood, Chase Moore, Emily Kiddoo, Andrea Kirkpatrick, Jennifer Rule, Danielle Shelley, Sheena Barton, Jessie Cotton, Lindsey Fincher, Sara Norton and Sara Eggleston.

Danforth "I Dare You" Award was presented by Connie Courtney to Chase Moore and Meagan Fromm.

Missouri Scholars Academy was presented by Connie Courtney to Emily Kiddoo.

Campus Bowl Awards were presented by Barbara Campbell to John Grogan, Michael Lodewegen, Jennifer Crawford, Brian Dial, Clint Cottrell, Nick Oldham, Danny Roach, Jason Findling, and Ryan Hinds.

Student Council Awards, president, Aarron Holt; vice president, Jason Glass; secretary/treasurer, Jenny Stone. Class representatives, senior, Amy Duley, Robbie Miller; junior, Latitia Sherman, Michael Lodewegen; sophomore, Emily Kiddoo, Nick Oldham; freshman, Amanda Watkins, Michael Fulk.

Scholarships - Presenter and Recipient: 4-H Council, Pat Wiggins, Kirk Stott; Memphis Funeral Home, Ron Henkenius, Andrea Kirkpatrick; Andy Clapp Memorial, Jamie Thudium, Aarron Holt; Epsilon Iota, Lori Fulk, Duley, Grogan, Stott, Schmitz; Xi Theta Tau, Brent Bondurant, Kirkpatrick, B. Holt, S. Fogle; Clark County Moose Lodge 14-32, Connie Courtney, Trent Hunziker; Community Bank of Memphis, Dave Trueblood, Sheena Barton, Amy Duley; Jason Rockhold Memorial, Brent Rockhold, Kirk Stott;

Jeremy Schaefer Memorial, Brent Bondurant, Kirk Stott; Kory Robinson Memorial, Dick Robinson (Brent Bondurant), Aarron Holt; Kyle Peterson WSI, Brent Bondurant, Brenna Cook; Leo and Arlean Paul Memorial, Brent Bondurant, Mandi Bulen; MFA Foundation Scholarship, Jerry Watson, Aarron Holt; Missouri Bright Flight, Brent Bondurant, Crawford and Rebecca Miller; Patrica Ann Hudnall Memorial, Connie Courtney, Rebecca Miller; Pepsi-Cola Memphis Bottling, Brent Bondurant, Betsy Hines; Richard and Betty Moore Memorial, Brent Bondurant, Andrea Shaffer;

SCAMP Scholarship, Cindy Sherman, Kirk Stott; Scotland County Rotary Scholarship, Kim Nicoli, Billings, Grogan, A. Holt, Trueblood; Shelter Insurance Scholarship, Dana Donalson, Amy Duley; Ruth and Jess Slavin Memorial, Connie Courtney, Betsy Hines; Travis Bissell Memorial, Connie Courtney, Billings, Baker, Dial, Duley, Ketchum, Norton; Tucker-Bourn Memorial, Connie Courtney, Lindsey Fincher; Wymon Lemmon Memorial, David Smith, Aarron Holt; David McNamar Memorial to Kirk Stott;

College Scholarships - Central Missouri State University, Brent Bondurant, Lindsey Fincher and Brad Holt; Central Methodist College, Brent Bondurant, Kirk Stott; Moberly Area Community College, Brent Bondurant, Logan Bogatzke; Northwest Missouri State University, Brent Bondurant, Sara Norton; University of Missouri-Columbia, Brent Bondurant, Rebecca Miller; Upward Bound Bridge Scholarship, Brent Bondurant, Faith Ann Woods; Indian Hills Foundation Scholarship to Samantha Fogle; Imagine America Scholarship to Brandon Hatfield.

Senior Awards - College Prep Certificates presented by Brent Bondurant to Rebecca Miller, Sara Norton, Jenna Dial, and Lindsey Fincher. Missouri Scholars 100 presented by Connie Courtney to Rebecca Miller. Presidential Education Certifi-cates presented by Mr. Bondurant to Rebecca Miller, Betsy Hines, and Jenna Dial. George Washington Carver awards presented by Mr. Bondurant to Rebecca Miller, Betsy Hines, Brad Holt, Samantha Fogle, and Amy Duley. CTA Citizenship presented by Lori Fulk to Aarron Holt and Rebecca Miller. Senior Activities presented by Mrs. Courtney to Sara Norton and Kirk Stott. Senior Citizenship award to Amy Duley and Robbie Miller. Scotland County Firemen's Citizenship to Jason Glass and Angie Trueblood. U.S. Marine Special Awards presented by Mr. Bondurant to Rebecca Miller - Academics, Aarron Holt - Athletics, Kirk Stott - Music.

Perfect Attendance Awards - Brandon Alexander, Kelly Cochenour, Valerie Crawford, Ausha Crow, Nathan Darland, Shanda Darland, Jeremy Forquer, John Colt Hendricks, Casey Parrish, and Ashley Small.

Four-Year Cumulative Honor Roll: Rebecca Miller, Elizabeth Hines, Brad Holt, Samantha Fogle, Amy Duley, Sara Norton, Lindsey Fincher, Amanda Jean Schmitz, Angie Trueblood, Grace Tonn, Kirk Stott, Sheena Barton, Aarron Holt, Jenna Dial, Mandi Bulen, Robbie Miller, Andrea Kirkpatrick, Jarrod Talbert, Trent Hunziker, Jennifer Lee Stone, Jared Bailey-Manary, Faith Ann Woods, John Grogan, Adam L. Baker, Ben Ebert, Brandon Hatfield, Jennifer Lynn Woods, Andrea Shaffer, Dustin Howard, Michael Neese.

Academic Shields: Seniors - Gold, Rebecca Miller, Betsy Hines, Brad Holt, Samantha Fogle, Amy Duley, Sara Norton, Lindsey Fincher; Silver, Amanda Schmitz, Angie Trueblood, Kirk Stott, Sheena Barton, Jenna Dial, Aarron Holt, Mandi Bulen, Robbie Miller, Andrea Kirkpatrick, Jarrod Talbert, Jenny Stone, Trent Hunziker, Faith Ann Woods, Adam Baker, Brandon Hatfield, Ben Ebert, Jennifer Woods; Shield, John Grogan and Jared Bailey.

Juniors - Gold, Meagan Fromm, Chase Moore, Jennifer Crawford, Amy Morgan, Rhonda Miller, Brian Dial, Latitia Sherman, Amy Blomme, Katie Kittle, Michael Lodewegen, Ryan Hinds, Jonathan Holton, Greg Probst, and Kristen Dickerson; Silver, Renee Briggs, Brandi Orton, Kim Bair, Ladica Wittstock, Jennifer Rule, Joshua Marlowe, Eric Long, Josh McBee, Lori Frederick, Brenna Cook, Aaron Cline, Chad Whitney, Jake Fogle, Phillip Parker, Erin Morgan, and Amber Brush; Shield, Vince Rockhold and Anna Dochterman.

Sophomores - Shields, Sara Eggleston, Emily Kiddoo, Brandi Mallett, Christine Kirchner, Katie Schneider, Andrew Bulen, Jessie Cotton, Becky Miller, Clint Cottrell, Shana Reese, Danny Roach, Danielle Shelley, Jenna Shalley, Jason Findling, Nick Oldham, Kiel Fogle, Jared Tague, Elizabeth Monroe, Chase Hines, Aaron Dale, Kristi Moseley, Jessica Mack, Sean Woods, Stevie Simerl, and Cody Holt.

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