Fuller Wins For 3rd Time At Bloomfield

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August 15, 2002

Fuller Wins For 3rd Time At Bloomfield

Bloomfield, IA (August 9th) -

With the track getting slicker and the cushion right up against the wall in the last feature of the evening, the IMCA Modified headliner was a battle of slide jobs and hugging the inside of the track in the corners where the moisture remained.

Jardin Fuller of Memphis, passed into the lead on the fourth circuit and led the race until the eighth lap when Wade Francis of Eddyville, IA, led as they crossed the line to score the lap. The two raced for the lead and swapped the position several times the final seven laps before Fuller picked up the win for his third victory in four weeks at Bloomfield.

Francis has finished in second to Fuller all three of those weeks as well. Jim Lynch of Bloomfield, IA, worked his way through the field for a third place finish with Mark Widmar of Ottumwa, IA, coming through with a fourth place effort.


Heat #1 - 1, Scott Dickey, Packwood, IA; 2, Mark Widmar, Ottumwa, IA; 3, Todd Holman, Ottumwa, IA;

Heat #2 - 1, Wade Francis, Eddyville, IA; 2, Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon, IA; 3, Casey Lancaster, Lancaster;

Feature - 1, Jardin Fuller, Memphis; 2, Francis; 3, Jim Lynch, Bloomfield, IA; 4, Widmar; 5, Lancaster; 6, Pinkerton; 7, Dickey; 8, Mike Bainbridge, Ottumwa, IA; 9, Holman; 10, David Snyder, Greentop.

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