Runaway Car Tries To Create 'Drive-Thru' At Keith's Cafe

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February 13, 2003

Runaway Car Tries To Create 'Drive-Thru' At Keith's Cafe

A slip of the foot sent an Iowa man barreling into a Memphis eating establishment giving one customer at the restaurant a true scare Saturday, February 8.

According to the Memphis Police Department, Lloyd L. Shinn, 80, of Centerville, IA, was attempting to park his 2001 Toyota Camry along the east side of Keith's Cafe when his foot apparently slipped off the brake and hit the gas pedal. The car crashed into the east wall of the restaurant and shoved a portion of the exterior wall approximately 16-inches into the restaurant.

A woman sitting at a table along the wall sustained minor injuries from the collision after the impact forced a chair at the table into her leg. She was to seek her own treatment.

The accident caused quite a stir at the restaurant at the time of the collision, however business went on as usual. Keith's remained open Monday, February 10 after temporary repairs.

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