Pool Contract Awarded To Sparks Construction

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February 12, 2004

Pool Contract Awarded To Sparks Construction

With several inches of snow on the ground the last thing most folks are thinking about is swimming. But with the summer season less than four months away the Memphis City Council took a huge step toward insuring local kids will have a place to escape from the summer heat.

Sparks Construction was awarded the contract for the construction of the new Memphis City Swimming Pool. The Kirksville company was the low bidder in the process that drew interest from four area contractors.

The bid of $247,000 was on the low end of the proposals reviewed at a special bid opening meeting January 29 at Memphis City Hall.

Grooms & Company of Ottumwa, IA, submitted a bid of $248,300. The Irvinbilt Company of Chillicothe entered a bid of $266,900 for the job while Carl A. Nelson & Co. of Burlington, IA came in with the highest proposed job cost of $325,350.

The bid price will include all of the concrete work for the new pool, which will be 51-feet by 82 feet according to the bid proposal. The job also calls for placement of the reinforcing steel in the pool base and painting of the finished product. The contractor will be responsible for placement of all drains, pipes and valves and install a handicap ramp complete with railing for entrance into the pool.

Work is expected to begin as soon as weather permits. The project specifications called for a May 1 completion date.

The city had originally hoped to have the construction done this fall. But problems with the initial bidding process sent the city back to the drawing board when bids came in more than $500,000 over budget and forced a second bid letting. The city also agreed to assume the responsibility of building the new bathhouse for the pool to help bring costs of the project to a more manageable level.

The push for a new pool was jump started March 27, 2002 when the city was awarded a $170,000 federal grant.

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