County Candidates’ Ballot Spots To Be Decided By Lottery

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February 19, 2004

County Candidates’ Ballot Spots To Be Decided By Lottery

Candidates seeking to file for the number of local county offices in the upcoming election will not have to camp out in front of the county clerk’s office to try to insure their name is listed first on the ballot.

County Clerk Betty Lodewegen announced that candidates who file on the opening day of the candidacy declaration period will have their position on the ballot determined by a lottery drawing.

In the past, candidates have arrived earlier and earlier waiting for the office to open on the first day of filing in an effort to make sure their name was listed first on the ballot. Traditionally the top name on the ballot has received more votes.

Under Missouri Statute 115.395, “for candidates who file a declaration of candidacy with the election authority prior to 5:00 p.m. on the first day for filing, the election authority may determine by random drawing the order in which such candidates’ names shall appear on the ballot.”

Under the rule, the county clerk is required to have each candidate draw a number at the time of their filing on opening day. The randomly chosen number will determine the candidates position on the ballot.

After the opening day of filing, a candidate’s ballot position will be determined by the order in which the filings are completed in the office.

Filing for the Scotland County offices will begin at 8:00 a.m. February 24 in the County Clerk’s office.

Scotland County voters will be selecting a sheriff, county assessor, associate county commissioners for the east and west districts, coroner and public administrator.

Local ballots will also include the office of Circuit Judge for the First District and First District State Representative.

State offices on the ballot will include Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Secretary of State and Attorney General.

The primary election will be held August 3 prior to the general election November 2.

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