Filing Opens With Flourish Of Candidates

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March 4, 2004

Filing Opens With Flourish Of Candidates

The filing period for the August primary election began with a flourish on the local level with at least two local races taking shape on February 24 when the filing officially opened.

Two candidates filed for both Sheriff and the Western District Commissioner jobs. Paul Campbell will seek the commissioner position on the Democratic ticket while Greta Slocumb has filed for the West District Commissioner position on the Republican side of the ballot.

Incumbent Wayne Winn has re-filed for the sheriff’s job on the Republican ticket. Mike Steeples will seek to be the Democrat candidate for the sheriff’s office.

Shelley Small will seek the office of Public Administrator that will be vacated by Campbell. Small will run on the Democratic ballot.

Win Hill filed for the office of Eastern District Commissioner.

Incumbent Ginny Monroe re-filed to seek another term as Scotland County Coroner. She is running on the Democratic ticket.

Incumbent Assessor Jim Ward refiled to once again seek the office on the Republican ballot.

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