Help Coming From Oklahoma For Ministerial Alliance’s Community Works

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May 6, 2004

Help Coming From Oklahoma For Ministerial Alliance’s Community Works

Terry Rush, evangelist from the Church of Christ in Tulsa, OK was our guest. Terry opened with the statement: “I have a dream for this community”.

His idea is to build community appreciation and respect. “In a world of greed we want to train our teens to serve others for free,” Rush said. “ We want to inspire the area teens to do the same. We hope God is truly glorified because another segment of good news hits the streets in Memphis.”

Terry is planning to bring a group of 30 teens and five adult sponsors from his church in Tulsa to Memphis to help with community work projects.

Work projects will be lined up. Some projects under consideration are: filling potholes in the city streets, working on the Scotland County Youth Center, painting at the Nutrition Site, assisting school children with reading, etc. and work on the Tiger Trail. Other projects are being looked into.

Terry would also like to conduct an hour Bible Study each morning at 10:00 a.m. for the adults. He will also be conducting the morning worship service at The First Presbyterian Church at 10:30 a.m.

Volunteers are needed to help in the following areas: Lodging, Lunches, Work Projects, Activities and Snacks.

Jack Sumption volunteered to work with two other people to coordinate the various committees and projects. Trinity Davis and June Reed volunteered to work with Jack.

A “Pen Pal” project is being arranged where the visiting teens could correspond with the local teens in order to get better acquainted.

If anyone would like to help with this project, please contact Jack Sumption, Trinity Davis or June Reed.

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