Pool Project Hits Another ‘Crack’ in the Road

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August 12, 2004

Pool Project Hits Another ‘Crack’ in the Road

It doesn’t appear likely the new Memphis City swimming pool project will meet its goal of an August opening date and now the project has hit another bump in the road - actually its cracks, several of them, in the concrete swimming area.

Superintendent Roy Monroe told the Memphis City council at the August 5th meeting that there are several hairline cracks in the new pool. He told the council that he believed the cracks were caused by concrete shrinkage and were not due to the ground settling under or around the pool.

Monroe informed the council that some of the cracks had been repaired by the city and the newer trouble spots would need attention before the contractor returned to paint the pool. He told the council that he had photos of all the cracks for documentation.

Alderman Ron Gardner questioned if the city’s engineer was aware of the problems.

Monroe stated that to the best of his knowledge neither engineer Ron Shy or any representatives of his firm, All-State Engineering of Columbia, had been to the job site since the bids were awarded.

Alderman Lucas Remley suggested that the council request a meeting between the engineer, the city attorney and Mayor Ron Alexander to determine if there is any engineering liability related to the cracks.

Gardner also pointed out that the city should contact the contractor and order them not to paint the pool until the situation can be resolved.

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