Movies Begin At Memphis Theatre October 22nd

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October 14, 2004

Movies Begin At Memphis Theatre October 22nd

It is almost movie time again, in fact next week, October 22nd at the Memphis Theatre. The first movie will be Shreck 2, followed by Spiderman 2, then the Princess Diaries 2, a Disney production.

At the last Community Players meeting it was discussed if they could continue with the same ticket and concession prices. After a rather lengthy debate, it was decided that the Players will try taking the same $2.00 admission and $.50 concession prices.

The Community Players opened over 10 years ago and are trying to run the theatre with the same prices they started with. The Community Players appreciates all those who come in to help run the program. It is only with your continued help that the movie admission price can remain the same $2.00 and $.50 for the concessions.

There was another excellent Country Music Show last week and plans are for another one in November. The Community Players are trying to present a program for our community that everyone can enjoy. Your continued help and support is appreciated.

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