Tigers Tangle With Conference Foes In Campus Bowl Action

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March 18, 2004

Tigers Tangle With Conference Foes In Campus Bowl Action

After opening the conference schedule with a 105-90 win over Knox County, the Tigers stumbled in game two, falling to Brookfield 175-20.

The Tigers edged the Eagles in the opener on March 8. SCR-I turned an 80-90 deficit into a 105-90 lead on the first question of the fourth period. That margin held up as the final nine toss-ups went unanswered. Jason Findling was the leading scorer with 70 points in the win.

The Tigers never got on track March 9 when Brookfield came to Memphis. The team fell behind 75-15 in the first half and could not rally.

Scotland County was victorious in both junior high matches. SCR-I prevailed over Knox County 405-190 and defeated Brookfield 330-95.

Julie Triplett and Lance Smith each answered nine toss-ups in the win over the Eagles.

All eight team members saw action in the win over Brookfield. Smith led the scoring with 50 points. Loren Billington had 40 points and Triplett and Christina Duzan each added 30 while Matthew Dice and Brett Courtright contributed 20 points.

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