Youth Season Sets New Record With 13,466 Deer Harvested

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November 18, 2004

Youth Season Sets New Record With 13,466 Deer Harvested

While the community transformed into a village of blaze orange as deer season opened this weekend, the firearms hunting period actually opened last weekend when the miniature blaze orange outfits took to the field for the annual youth-only deer season November 6-7.

Hunters between the ages of six and 15 harvested a record 13,466 deer during the two-day season. That was up more than 4,400 deer from 2003.

Scotland County youth contributed to the record take, checking in 84 deer. Other neighboring counties had good seasons as well. Clark County took 100 deer, while Schuyler County kids harvested 107 deer and Knox County kids got 111.

Pike County led the 15-county northeast recording region for MDC with 248 deer harvested. A total of 1,892 deer were checked in the region, which was the second largest total in among the state’s eight recording regions.

Franklin County was tops in the state with 274 deer taken, ahead of Montgomery County (268), Howell County (260) and Pike County. The Central recording region led the state with 2,109 deer taken thanks to big totals in Montgomery, Callaway and Boone counties, which all topped out above the 215 deer mark.

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