Ridge Street To Receive $7,700 Safety Upgrade

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May 12, 2005

Ridge Street To Receive $7,700 Safety Upgrade

Safety concerns voiced by a number of citizens has the City of Memphis poised to spend $7,700 to improve visibility on Ridge Street.

Leslie Troutman of 5/D Transport was present at the May 5th meeting of the Memphis City Council to voice her concern about Ridge Street, which adjoins the business front for the company that operates a large number of semi-trucks and trailers.

Troutman complained about the street south of the entrance to their office, the former Waste Management property. Troutman said the street is dangerous due to the hillcrest, which prevents any visibility to the north.

Mayor Mike Stone, who drives for 5/D Transport, agreed with Troutman’s statements, adding that not only the company’s drivers but other motorists on the road are placed in danger by the street conditions.

“That spot is just an accident waiting to happen,” Stone said. “Trust me, there have been a lot of close calls there.”

Superintendent Roy Monroe told the council that the street could be lowered as there are no utilities under the street. He gave the council a cost estimate of $7,700 for bulldozer work to repair the road. Monroe said that approximately 140 feet could be removed, lowering the trouble spot by as much as three feet to improve visibility.

The high spot in the road was blamed on the old railroad crossing at the site.

Council members also requested that the police department monitor the street for speeding violations, which would also alleviate some of the safety concerns.

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