Shannon, Thomas Win Overall Awards at Memphis Swim Meet

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August 18, 2005

Shannon, Thomas Win Overall Awards at Memphis Swim Meet

A swim meet was held on August 4th at the Memphis Municipal Pool. Results of the meet are as follows:

Front Crawl

Heat 1 first, Morgan Alexander; second, Zach Curry; third, Keenan Bradley; fourth, Kendall Miller; fifth McKaela Bradley.

Heat 2 first, Brooklyn Arnold; second, Olivia Harris; third, Mazy Gray; fourth, Madison Brassfield; fifth, Randi Carter.

Heat 3 first, Hailey Dial; second, Claire Shannon; third, Jordyn Doubet; fourth, Abby Quillin; fifth, Emily Ebeling.

Heat 4 first, Dylan Arnold; second, Courtney Brassfield; third, Ryan Slayton; fourth, Caleb Doubet.

Heat 5 first, Zach Miller; second, Brad Thomas; third, Jacob Blessing.

Heat 6 first, Brett Thomas; second, Ben Shannon.

Back Crawl

Heat 1 first, Claire Shannon; second, Jacob Blessing; third, Madison Brassfield.

Heat 2 first, Emily Ebeling; second, Brad Thomas; third, Brooklyn Arnold; fourth, Mazy Gray; fifth, Courtney Brassfield.

Red Buoy Race

Heat 1 first, Keenan Bradley; second, Kendall Miller; third, Karissa Adams.

Heat 2 first, Claire Shannon; second, Brooklyn Arnold; third, Olivia Harris; fourth, Madison Brassfield.

Heat 3 first, Mazy Gray; second, Courtney Brassfield; third, Morgan Alexander; fourth, Randie Carter.

Heat 4 first, Hillary Harris; second, Abby Quillin; third, Ashley Curry; fourth, Jordyn Doubet.

Heat 5 first, Brad Thomas; second, Dylan Arnold; third, Jacob Blessing; fourth, Caleb Doubet.

Heat 6 first, Lindsay Alexander; second, Bo Thomas; third, Chayton Cerroni.

Heat 7 first, Zach Curry; second, Joshua Adams.

Heat 8 first, Zach Miller; second, Hailey Dial; third, Ryan Slayton.

Diving included smallest splash, largest splash, best dive and best trick. All of the previously mentioned participated in the diving as well as Michael Yarbrough, Matthew Jenkins, and Ben Thomas. Overall best of show went to: girls-Claire Shannon, and boys-Brett Thomas.

The meet concluded with a synchronized dive by all participants.

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