PF, MDC, City of Memphis Joining Forces On Project

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February 2, 2006

PF, MDC, City of Memphis Joining Forces On Project

Pheasants Forever, the Missouri Department of Conservation and the City of Memphis have joined forces for a new project near Lake Show-Me.

On January 18th, representatives from the organizations began work on a restoration project on 10 acres of ground located north of the wetlands between Lake Show-Me and the old city lake.

“We’re working on restoring early successional habitat,” stated project coordinator Matt Handy, a private land specialist with PF.

The work began two weeks ago as non-native trees were removed from the plot. The stumps were treated to prevent regrowth.

The ground, which has been dormant for roughly 30 years since it was last farmed, has become overgrown with these types of trees and other growth.

Handy stated the next step will be to perform a prescribed burn to remove the remaining brush. He indicated the controlled fire will help rejuvenate the native grasses and give them a clean slate to repopulate the grounds. The program, a cost-share funded project by MDC and PF, is targeted for upland bird management, but Handy noted the project will benefit all wildlife.

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