City Awards Contract For Baker Farm Lease

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February 9, 2006

City Awards Contract For Baker Farm Lease

The Memphis City Council recently reviewed three bids for leasing farm ground owned by the city, before voting to renew a five-year lease with the current tenant

The council voted 4-0 to award the lease to Dennis Kraus, who will pay $80 an acre for ground utilized for row crops and $42 an acre for ground used for hay production.

The ground, referred to as the “Baker Farm”, was bequest to the city several years ago, allowing the revenue from the lease agreement to benefit the city.

The farm, which consists of approximately 120 acres, is located east of Memphis.

Kenneth Hauk, Jr. submitted a bid for $85 an acre for row crops and $40 an acre for hay. The third bid was from Carl Trueblood for $65 an acre for crop ground and $27 an acre for hay ground.

Following the vote, Superintendent Roy Monroe suggested the council seek soil samples and that the city take the appropriate steps to establish recommended fertility levels after which point the renter would take over the responsibility. Monroe stated he would secure the test results and also would seek bids for the recommended fertilization for presentation at the March council meeting.

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