Fire Damages Interior of Mobile Home

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March 9, 2006

Fire Damages Interior of Mobile Home

There never is a good time for a fire, but if one has to happen, the first Wednesday of the month is the top choice.

The Scotland County Fire Department holds its monthly meeting that evening every month. That was the case March 1st when the firemenís meeting was interrupted by an emergency call at 8:09 p.m. when a caller reported a fire at the Duke Snyder residence on Jackson Street in Memphis.

The fire trucks were rolling in less than a minute, as the bulk of the volunteers were upstairs at the station for the meeting.

The quick response time allowed the firemen to extinguish the blaze at the mobile home before it could breach the roof or the walls of the trailer at which point it would have been a lost battle.

The fire, which centered around a recliner in the living room of the residence, was quickly doused, but not before much of the interior of the mobile home sustained extensive smoke and heat damage.

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