Federal Grant Helps Juvenile Office Secure New Vehicle

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April 13, 2006

Federal Grant Helps Juvenile Office Secure New Vehicle

The First Circuit Juvenile Division has some new wheels courtesy of federal grant funds. The office has purchased a 2006 Chevy Impala to be used by officers in transporting juveniles as well as for other transportation needs for the officers.

In addition to the new car, the office, which serves Scotland, Schuyler and Clark counties, was also able to purchase drug testing equipment as well as personal security devices for the juvenile office.

Director Eric DeRosear praised the work done by the Scotland County Commission to help secure the funding.

The local grant was part of nearly $2.5 million in Juvenile Justice Grants announced by Missouri Governor Matt Blunt back in September of 2005.

The money was awarded to community and local government agencies in Missouri.

“These grants for juvenile justice programs are an essential part of Missouri’s overall crime prevention strategy,” Blunt said. “By funding community and local government agencies that work with children at risk, we are better able to keep these children from repeating criminal acts as adults. Juvenile Justice in Missouri is not so much about punishment as about treatment. ”

Juvenile Justice Grants were awarded for the Juvenile Accountability Block Grant, totaling $895,660; for the Title II Formula Block Grant, totaling $1,061,048.39; and for the Title V Formula Block, totaling $500,987.09. Juvenile Accountability Block grants typically go to local governmental agencies, such as juvenile courts while Title II and Title V grant recipients include local government and community-based agencies.

The Juvenile Accountability Block Grant provides federal funds to local units of government who participate in the juvenile justice program and aim to make the process more effective and efficient. Title II grants favor applicants that provide services to juveniles with programs in minority youth issues, gender specific programming for females, training, technical assistance and compliance monitoring or agencies with innovative programs for youth at risk. Title V grants provide funds to local units of government and agencies that provide delinquency prevention programming.

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