Downing City Hall To Get New Fence

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May 18, 2006

Downing City Hall To Get New Fence

The board of the City of Downing convened with Mayor Sabin presiding. Others present were Aldermen Seamster, Phillips, Fry and Bruner; Carolyn Anderson, Richard Buford and Willa M. Gooden.

Copies of the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting were given to the board members. The minutes were approved as written.

Plans were made for a picket fence to be put on each side of the front of city hall. A new flag was put up on our big flagpole and flowers were added to our flowerbed by the Downing 4-H. We really appreciate this and the care Eva Smith gives the flowers she set out several years ago. All this is an effort to help Downing look nice and with the cooperation of many who keep their properties mowed and trimmed it should be a good start towards a more attractive community. However, there are those that appear to not take pride in the environment. Letters will be sent to these people encouraging them to take care of their property by keeping the grass and weeds mowed and getting rid of the garbage, abandoned vehicles, junk or other debris. If there is no response to letters, further action can be taken.

We continue to work on our condemnation and demolition projects. Street repairs were discussed, also.

Meeting adjourned.

Willa M. Gooden.

City Clerk

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