State Board of Education Drops the Wyaconda School District to “Unaccredited” Status

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June 1, 2006

State Board of Education Drops the Wyaconda School District to “Unaccredited” Status

The State Board of Education today dropped the accreditation rating of the Wyaconda C-1 School District to “unaccredited.” Located in Clark County, in northeast Missouri, the district enrolls about 40 students in kindergarten through grade 8.

Wyaconda joins the Wellston School District, in St. Louis County, as the only unaccredited district among the state’s 524 public school systems.

The immediate effect of the board’s decision is that students in the Wyaconda School District will be eligible next year to attend a neighboring school district that is accredited. The Wyaconda district will be required to pay tuition and transportation costs for students who transfer to other districts.

State education officials said the academic performance of students in the Wyaconda district has been weak and has shown little or no sign of improvement in recent years.

On its most recent evaluation, the district earned 18 out of a possible 54 points on the accreditation scorecard used by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. According to the State Board of Education’s standards, a K-8 school district must earn at least 27 points in academic performance to be provisionally accredited or 36 points to be fully accredited.

Unaccredited school districts have two full school years in order to improve academic performance and return to accredited status. If Wyaconda does not make sufficient progress by June 30, 2008, it may be dissolved or taken over by the state.

All school districts are reviewed and accredited by the State Board of Education at least once every five years. Under the state’s standards, a district may be rated as accredited, provisionally accredited or unaccredited.

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