Propane Leak Closes Portion Of City Square

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July 6, 2006

Propane Leak Closes Portion Of City Square

The northwest corner of the Memphis square was temporarily shut down on Monday afternoon, July 3rd, when a neighbor reported a gas leak at the Jackson Auction Service building, located west of the Memphis Cinema.

The emergency dispatcher was notified at 4:27 p.m. by a neighbor living north of the building. An officer from the Memphis Police Department was the first to respond to the scene as the volunteer fire department was also dispatched to the scene.

The odor of propane gas was very apparent in the building when the emergency workers arrived. Law enforcement officers and firemen entered the building to insure the second-story apartments were not occupied.

The gas supply was cut off to the building and the electric meters were pulled to insure no sparks. EMS workers then entered the building again and opened numerous windows to allow the gas to be ventilated out of the building.

Occupants in the adjoining buildings were notified of the situation with the recommendation to temporarily evacuate the immediate area. Fire trucks were used to blockade traffic away from the area.

The emergency workers were on the scene for approximately one hour. Gas workers later found the source of the leak, a faulty pipe in the building’s basement.

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