Dog Attack Leads City To Consider Pit Bull Ban

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August 10, 2006

Dog Attack Leads City To Consider Pit Bull Ban

A vicious dog attack in Memphis last week has the Memphis City Council considering taking steps to place strict requirements or possibly even ban certain breeds of canines in the city limits.

On August 3 at approximately 6:30 a.m. a Memphis woman was attacked by a dog on the west side of town as she was walking past the owner’s residence. The animal, which reportedly was part Pit Bull, had escaped or been released from its restraint(s) at the time of the incident according to the Memphis Police Department.

The woman was attacked by the animal and suffered injuries to her throat and to her leg before the animal was subdued.

Police Chief Steve Snodgrass indicated the dog is under quarantine at the home for 10 days following the attack for medical testing.

Mayor Roger Gosney stated the owner had indicated the animal would no longer be within city limits following the conclusion of the quarantine period.

Alderman Lucas Remley questioned the safety of steps being taken by the city, noting that if the animal had escaped its restraints to make the attack, what guarantee did the public have that it wouldn’t happen again in the 10-day quarantine period.

Remley suggested the city consider looking into regulating specific dog breeds that have been determined to be more dangerous than the average canine.

Across the nation numerous cities have initiated Pit Bull bans including Denver, CO, and Kansas City, KS and several states have considered similar legislation.

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