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September 21, 2006

Newspaper Looking For Questions For Candidates

The Memphis Democrat is making plans for expanded pre-election coverage of state and national candidates for which local voters will be casting ballots in November.

The newspaper is asking readers to submit a question or questions that could be asked of the candidates for state representative, Brian Munzlinger and Beau Hicks or state senate candidates Wes Shoemeyer and Bob Behnen.

The special edition is seeking queries regarding campaign platforms and will only use questions that can be answered by each candidate.

Please send questions to the Memphis Democrat, 121. S. Main Street, Memphis, MO 63555 or e-mail to Please include the authorís name and contact information. A series of questions will be selected by the Memphis Democrat editorial staff to be answered by these four candidates.

Deadline for submitting the questions will be October 6th.

The newspaper plans to offer information regarding these candidates as well as U.S. Senate candidates Jim Talent and Claire McCaskill and U.S. Representative candidates Duane Burghard and Kenny Hulshof in the issues leading up to Election Day, November 7th.

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