No Photo ID, No Straight Party Tickets At November Polling Places

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October 26, 2006

No Photo ID, No Straight Party Tickets At November Polling Places

Voters didn’t used to have to have a photo ID to take part in the election. Then Senate Bill 1014 changed that. That lasted for just a few months as Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan ruled the law violated voter rights. But until the Supreme Court upheld the decision on October 16, voters were up in the air as far as what type of identification would be required to vote on November 7th.

“Now we know,” said Scotland County Clerk Betty Lodewegen, who oversees local elections. “Voters won’t have to have a government issued photo ID to vote.”

According to Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, voters can “make your vote count” by presenting any of the following forms of identification at the poll:

Valid Missouri driver’s license, non-driver’s license or voter identification card;

Valid US Passport or military ID;

Student ID issued by a college, university, technical or vocational school in the state of Missouri;

Driver’s license or state identification card issued by another state;

Copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other governmental document that contains the name and address of the voter;

Or two supervising election judges, one from each party, who attest that they know who the voter is.

While the court ruling cleared up the voter ID issue, Senate Bill 1014 will still have an impact on the November election.

Because of the law change, voters may no longer vote a straight party ticket. Each voter will have to vote individually for each candidate and issue for which the voter wishes to be counted on.

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