Quick Response Helps Avoid Fire Disaster at Memphis Business

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February 15, 2007

Quick Response Helps Avoid Fire Disaster at Memphis Business

A quick response helped avoid a fire disaster at a Memphis business on Monday morning.

The Memphis Fire Department was dispatched at approximately 7:50 a.m. to Mike Doubet’s pallet manufacturing business located just east of Keith’s Café at the intersection of Highway 136 and Market Street.

Workers reported a flue fire in the building’s heating system. The flames had spread to the ceiling and out of the roof of the facility.

Firemen were able to quickly douse the blaze and prevent extensive damage to the building while also saving the business’s numerous wood products.

The fire department responded to the call with four fire trucks and more than a dozen volunteers.

Doubet was injured while trying to fight the fire. He sustained burns on his arm and was to seek his own treatment according to assistant fire chief Tom Matlock.

The Scotland County Fire Department responded to a grass fire northeast of Memphis on February 3rd.

Several acres of CRP ground were consumed by the fire, which had originated as a controlled burn by the landowner. Dry conditions combined with high winds allowed the fire to get out of control.

The fire department was on the scene for one hour.

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