Downing City Board Discusses Unlicensed ATVs, Golf Carts on City Streets

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September 13, 2007

Downing City Board Discusses Unlicensed ATVs, Golf Carts on City Streets

The board of the City of Downing convened on September 4th with Mayor Fry presiding. Others present were Aldermen Seamster, Phillips, Schmitter, and Bruner; Billy McMahan, Tommy Anderson, Carolyn Anderson, Emma Stroup, DeWayne Mullinix, Chris Eastman, Richard Buford, and Willa M. Gooden.

Copies of the agenda, minutes of the previous meeting, correspondence from David Peppard, our Attorney, deposits and disbursements, w/ww reports and 2006 Sunshine Law booklets were given to the board members. The agenda and minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written. Payments of bills were allowed. Water/wastewater reports, correspondence from David Peppard and Sunshine Law booklets regarded information for the board.

The subject of unlicensed ATV’s and golf carts was brought to the attention of the board. Sample ordinances regarding this issue were given to the board members.

Carolyn Anderson informed the board that she had completed and sent in the Quality Control Study information as requested by Environmental Protection Agency. Lantz Tipton, Department of Natural Resources Water System Inspector, is to be here on the 6th of September to inspect our water system.

Street improvements were discussed. The focus on street improvements continue to be on second street until it is completed.

We appreciate all the extra work being done to clean up Downing for Appreciation Days. Some that we know of that were doing Community Service without a court order was Carolyn and Tommy Anderson, Gene Bruner, Carol Seamster, Chris Eastman, Ed Sayre, Jerry Fry, Billy McMahan and Billy Mobley. This is not to say there weren’t more. Also, we “tip our hats” to those who continuously keep their property looking nice.

Submitted by City Clerk Willa Gooden

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