Hospital Makes Cleaning Hands at School a Snap

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September 13, 2007

Hospital Makes Cleaning Hands at School a Snap

The Scotland County Memorial Hospital “Infection Control Team” is providing antibacterial towelettes to be distributed to SCR-I elementary school students as part of National Clean Hands Week, September 16-22.

This correlates with a program created for schools called “It’s a Snap” which stands for School Network for Absenteeism Prevention.

School Nurse Patty Eggleston stated, “Year-after-year, one of the most requested needs by the teachers is a hand washing program for the students.”

Pam Barnes, Laboratory Director stated, “In 2006, 22 million school days were lost just to the common cold, and when you consider that some viruses can live up to two hours on a cafeteria table, we need to give our children the good lesson of hand washing. Good handwashing habits, learned in childhood, will help to prevent infections in adulthood.”

The S.N.A.P. school initiative will make the cleaning of hands a habit. Fifteen disposable antibacterial towelette packages are being provided to the students to help them stay health.

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