Homeland Security Grant Providing Emergency Radios For Schools

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November 8, 2007

Homeland Security Grant Providing Emergency Radios For Schools

A homeland security grant will help keep the schools in Scotland County a little safer. Emergency Management Director Bryan Whitney reported that the Scotland County R-I High School and Elementary School as well as Gorin R-III School will be receiving new NOAA Weather Radios via the grant. The new Midland WR100 models are an upgrade from the previously distributed systems.

The radios currently being distributed incorporate the latest technology and standards for advance notification of all types of hazards—not just weather alerts. Furthermore, the latest radios are programmable to specific regions, allowing recipients to hear alerts pertinent for their locality.

Also known as the NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards, NOAA’s Public Alert Radio is a life-saving early warning tool that notifies radio users of all hazards in their area 24 hours a day/seven days a week, even when other means of communication are disabled.

The radio will signal an audible alert with a visible indicator light as a “Watch” or “Warning” to advise on a wide range of emergency situations and post event information for all types of hazards including: natural (i.e., earthquakes or avalanches), environmental (i.e., chemical releases or oil spills), and public safety (i.e., AMBER alerts).

In addition to the radios, Whitney indicated the grant in cooperation with Energizer, will be distributing a number of free flashlights to the county’s emergency service providers.

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