Roach Wins Team Title At VNEA Junior Championships

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June 28, 2007

Roach Wins Team Title At VNEA Junior Championships

Few if any of the nearly 1,000 participants at the Valley National 8-Ball League Association 17th Annual Junior Championships had ever heard of Gorin, Missouri.

By the close of the three-day event there was cause for a geography lesson for the players from more than 40 states and several different countries. Gorin native Dustin Roach and his two teammates captured first place in the team competition, shocking the rest of the field at the Pershing Center in Lincoln, NE.

The trio of players dominated the event. Teams consisting of three playing members (who have competed in at least 6 junior league matches with the same Charter Holder). The 9 game round robin format was used in the 8-ball team events. Each player played each player from the opposing team once. The team with the most points at the end of the match was declared the winner.

All divisions were double elimination format with the finals bracket participants starting with zero losses.

Roach came home form the June 22nd-24th trip sporting a huge first place trophy as well as a $1,500 savings bond and a new custom pool cue.

He also took home fifth place in the individual competition.

The VNEA event hosts three separate divisions, Youth (13 and under), Minor (14-17) and Major (18-20).

Roach, who is just 18, is looking forward to attending the event next year to defend the title.

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