Former Resident Authors Book on Life With Diabetes

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February 21, 2008

Former Resident Authors Book on Life With Diabetes

Ever wondered (or shuddered) about what it would be like to live with diabetes? Rachel A. Gifford, RN, MN, CDE, daughter of Nancy Moore Gifford and the late Arthur M. Gifford, has published A Gift in Wolf’s Clothing – Life with Diabetes.

In her book, Rachel shares her story of living with diabetes from “both sides of the exam table”. Ms. Gifford, a nationally renowned diabetes educator and speaker, began her journey with diabetes on her 12th birthday, when she was home-alone, and tested herself, using her older sister’s diabetes urine testing kit.

Her initial reaction of, “Death makes more sense than diabetes,” tempered over time. She realized if she couldn’t kill herself to get rid of diabetes, she would have to learn how to live with it. Living with diabetes has taken her into a career of helping people with the disease to hopefully, have an easier time of it than she did.

A Gift in Wolf’s Clothing is a story of adventurous learning, that will bring you to tears, make you laugh out loud, and help you find your own spirit of tenacity in dealing with the “Wolves” life may bring your way.

Ms. Gifford will be presenting “Diabetes from Both Sides of the Exam Table” to students in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, social services and public health across the United States in 2008. A Gift in Wolf’s Clothing – Life with Diabetes will be required text for these seminars. She also presents for Continuing Medical/Nursing Education meetings, Grand Rounds, American Association of Diabetes Educators, and lay-person groups. Within the first 6 weeks of publication, the book has ranked from number 1 to 9 through major retailers for self-published books.

In November, Ms. Gifford discussed her book and diabetes with Rick Fischer on KMEM. She also was a featured guest on World Talk Radio heard at, as well as HotTalk 1510 KCTE with Rob Kingsbury December 12, 2007

Rachel will be featured on as the Resident CDE (Certified Diabetes Educator) Blogger, coming soon in April 2008. Her scientific knowledge of diabetes and practical understanding of the lifestyle, presented with humor and wit, make both her live, as well as “blogged” presentations, something you won’t want to miss.

If you would like to have Ms. Gifford present for your group, or cumulative groups of 100 or more, please contact through

A Gift in Wolf’s Clothing – Life with Diabetes is available in Kansas City at: Barnes and Noble on the Country Club Plaza, Rainy Day Books or – order through any bookstore.

Internet purchase is available through: Amazon. Com,, and

Gifford is a graduate of the 1974 Scotland County high school class, and cousin of Mary Ann (Moore) Kirkpatrick. In her book she mentions various friends, although the names have been changed to protect the “innocent”. Watch for your pseudonym as you read the book. If you have diabetes or know someone who has the disease, A Gift in Wolf’s Clothing will help them better understand how to live with the “Wolf” they’ve gotten. It will encourage them to get the best healthcare they can, and empower them to attain health, despite diabetes.

A Gift in Wolf’s Clothing – Life with Diabetes is especially dedicated: “To all of us who have diabetes. May we find our voices and use them to heal ourselves, change the healthcare system, and rock the world.”

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