Former Alderman Appointed to Fill City Council Vacancy

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May 29, 2008

Former Alderman Appointed to Fill City Council Vacancy

The City of Memphis is turning to a former representative to fill a current vacancy. At a May 21st special meeting of the city council, former alderman Lucas Remley was appointed to fill the vacant East Ward Alderman position.

“His situation has changed, he now resides in east ward instead of the west ward, but Mr. Remley has four years experience after previously serving two terms as west ward alderman,” said Memphis Mayor William Reckenberg.

The Mayor appointed Remley to the remainder of the two-year term he vacated in April after the citizens chose Reckenberg as the new mayor.

Initially three candidates had notified the city of willingness to fill the vacancy, Remley, Troy Alexander and Robert Parrish. However Reckenberg stated that it was determined that Alexander’s residence, located on highway 15 near the north city limits, actually was in the west ward.

“Initially when he signed up for the position, we believed the home was in the east ward, but after reviewing it with the county clerk and the county assessor it was determined the residence is in the west ward,” Reckenberg stated.

The mayor indicated it came down to the two candidates, Parrish and Remley, with the later winning out due to his past job experience.

The council voted 3-0 to approve the mayor’s appointment. City Clerk Angela Newman swore Remley into office following the appointment.

He will serve the remainder of the unexpired term, which runs until April, 2009.

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