Local Walkers Begin ‘Arriving’ In Branson

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June 19, 2008

Local Walkers Begin ‘Arriving’ In Branson

The “Walk to Branson” challenge held in cooperation with Missouri Foundation for Health, Scotland County Health Department and the Scotland County Community Fitness Center will be complete this Wednesday, June 18, with a drawing for all dedicated participants. They will have the chance to win a three-day, two-night trip to Branson.

This program has been a great success, with 42 people initially signing up and about 30 continuing the eight-weeks that was extended to 12 weeks per participant’s request. David Jackson was the first walker to make it to Branson. His mother, Shelley, was close on his trail. They were followed by Melinda Briggs, Linda Brown, Jodi Jackson, Gary Neagle and Sharon Triplett. All the above named are on their way back home to Memphis. They will count the miles on Wednesday and anticipate a few more making it to Branson.

Whether you made it or not a thumbs up and high five to all the participants. You increased your walking time and helped fight against heart disease high blood pressure, some cancers, diabetes and obesity.

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