2008 Scotland County Antique 5K Run/Walk Results

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August 28, 2008

2008 Scotland County Antique 5K Run/Walk Results

David Sewell Kahoka, MO 19:32 Overall Male Winner
James Jorgenson Macon, MO 20:01 1st Male 40 and up
Kiel Fogle Arbela, MO 21:54 1st Male 19-39
Jeff Davis Memphis, MO 22:04 2nd Male 19-39
Logan Payne Memphis, MO 22:32 1st Male 18 and under
Zachary Curry Memphis, MO 23:32 2nd Male 18 and under
John Keener Kirksville, MO 23:33 3rd Male 19-39
Keith Payne Memphis, MO 24:50
Zach Miller Memphis, MO 25:27 3rd Male 18 and under
Devin Ward Downing, MO 25:39
David Jackson Memphis, MO 26:12
Jim Berrey Kirksville, MO 26:17
Christy Aylward Memphis, MO 26:28 Overall Female
Melinda Briggs Memphis, MO 27:31 1st Female 19-39
Dan Wright Macon, MO 27:55
Tisha Kice-Briggs Kirksville, MO 28:10 2nd Female 19-39
Cameron Harrison Memphis, MO 28:22
Katie Perkins Green City, MO 28:53 3rd Female 19-39
Elijah Cooley Memphis, MO 30:32
Carrie Hamner Kahoka, MO 30:42
HL Plenge Kahoka, MO 30:43
Anna Monroe Memphis, MO 31:50 1st Female 18 and under
Anita Arnold Alexandria, MO 32:04
Jenny Mallett Memphis, MO 32:14
Jennifer Jochimsen Greentop, MO 32:15
Dan Hite Memphis, MO 32:16 2nd Male 40 and up
Patrick Jochimsen Greentop, MO 32:47
Megan Baugh Wyaconda, MO 33:33
Ashley Curry Memphis, MO 36:59 2nd Female 18 and under
Vanessa Triplett Memphis, MO 36:59
Jennifer Frazee Kahoka, MO 37:46
Brady Curry Memphis, MO 38:16
Shelley Curry Memphis, MO 38:19
Beverly Oliver Glenwood, MO 38:57 1st Female 40 and up
Grant Campbell Memphis, MO 39:49
Dana Glasscock Gorin, MO 40:36 2nd Female 40 and up
Joel Kapfer Memphis, MO 41:42 3rd Male 40 and up
Sharon Bradley Baring, MO 41:43 3rd Female 40 and up
Bill McRobert Memphis, MO 41:44
Shellie Jackson Memphis, MO 42:04
Sherri Kapfer Memphis, MO 42:37
Debbie Payne Memphis, MO 42:39
Jacob Kapfer Memphis, MO 44:58
Lisa Doster Memphis, MO 45:49
Kim Martin Memphis, MO 47:33
Breanna Bair Memphis, MO 47:34 3rd Female 18 and under
Brady Kice Memphis, MO 48:04
Brittney Youmans Memphis, MO 48:17
Claire Hite Memphis, MO 48:24
Joel Myers Memphis, MO 48:42
Cindy Cottrell Memphis, MO 48:10
Jan Morrow Memphis, MO 48:10
Olivia Brunk Wyaconda, MO 49:52
Valerie Brown Kahoka, MO 49:53
Connor Payne Memphis, MO 49:59
Linda Brown Memphis, MO 49:59
Shirley Shelley Memphis, MO 50:24
Vince Youmans Memphis, MO 50:25
Chris Harris Memphis, MO 50:40
Kaden Anders Memphis, MO 51:10
Taylor Seppelt Memphis, MO 51:28
Holly Harris Memphis, MO 51:29
Jennifer Youmans Memphis, MO 51:32
Ali Seppelt Memphis, MO 51:50
Darl Davis Unionville, MO 51:51
Joseph Wagner Unionville, MO 51:53
Linda Davis Unionville, MO 51:54
Madie Bondurant Memphis, MO 51:55
Nancy Hite Memphis, MO 52:01
Joseph Hite Memphis, MO 52:03
Evan Hite Memphis, MO 52:26
Ron Hance Auburn, WA 52:43
Connie Bratton Memphis, MO 52:57
Julie Clapp Memphis, MO 53:03
Fred Clapp Memphis, MO 53:04
Brock Aylward Memphis, MO 53:30
Tammy Weidenbenner Memphis, MO 54:09
Donna Bailey Kirksville, MO 54:09
Sadie Davis Memphis, MO 54:53
Emma Anders Memphis, MO 54:54
Tonya Anders Memphis, MO 54:55
Robin Seppelt Memphis, MO 58:30
Kim Ludwick Memphis, MO 58:30

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