Emergency Director Reports County Approved For Storm Disaster Aid

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September 11, 2008

Emergency Director Reports County Approved For Storm Disaster Aid

Scotland County Emergency Management Director Bryan Whitney announced September 9th that the county, city and school would be receiving state and federal aid to help recover from storm damage experienced across the region in July.

Whitney reported receiving verification from the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) that the county’s proposal for storm relief had been approved.

In August SEMA and FEMA representatives joined Whitney and representatives from the school, city and county to tour the region to review the storm damage sustained during a three-day period of inclement weather July 27-29.

Whitney stated he and Scotland County Road Department Director Ryan Clark will be attending a meeting in Kirksville next week to get the full details regarding the aid package.

“Right now based on my phone conversations and the email verification, the county has been approved for 100% of the aid request,” Whitney said. “A bulk of that is for county road repairs, but the city and school also will get reimbursed for storm damage.”

Preliminary estimates for the storm damage in the county had exceeded $400,000, predominantly for gravel loss and other county road related costs.

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