Police Investigating Church Vandalism

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September 25, 2008

Police Investigating Church Vandalism

Typically when law officers are called to investigate vandalism it often involves some form of prank or mischief.

While that may very well be the case with the latest incident under review by Memphis police, the department is covering all the bases to insure something more sinister isn’t at hand.

Last week officers were informed of vandalism at the First Christian Church in Memphis. A pair of designs were spray painted on the property, one on the sidewalk in front of the church and the second on the cross located in front of the building.

Upon reviewing the graffiti, investigators discovered that the vandalism was actually a Hindu religious symbol. The pictures are believed to depict the symbol of Om, or Aum, the religion’s most important symbol, which is often used as the emblem for Hinduism.

The vandalism was first identified by church patrons on Friday but was not reported to the police department until Sunday, and not before the cross was already repaired by the church.

Officers are asking anyone that may have seen any suspicious activity in the church during this time to contact the office at 465-2612. Also the community is asked o report any similar instances of vandalism.

“It may just be kids painting graffiti, but in today’s world when we see instances of hate crimes directed at churches, we have to be careful and investigate all of the possibilities,” said Terry Simerl of the Memphis Police Department.

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