Scholars Shine at 2008 Scotland County R-I Awards Night

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May 29, 2008

Scholars Shine at 2008 Scotland County R-I Awards Night

Departmental Award

Fine Arts – Ms. Sandra Eccles, Instructor. Fundamentals, Pencil - 1st Joe Darland, 2nd Becca Tague, 3rd Cody Simpson, honorable mention Andrea Middleton; Charcoal – 1st Anna Duley and Kaela Cook, 2nd Ashley Tague, 3rd Michael Smeltzer, honorable mention Josh Ebeling, honorable mention Rod Sears, honorable mention Melanie Triplett and Jessica Sites; Collage – 1st Jacob Graber, 2nd Michael Smeltzer, 3rd Ashley Tague, honorable mention Gabby Reckenberg, honorable mention Anna Duley; Colored Pencil – 1st Michael Smeltzer, 2nd Morgan Sites, 3rd Rod Sears, honorable mention Ashley Tague; 3 Dimensional – 1st Tyler Troutman, 2nd Greg Steele, 3rd Michael Smeltzer, honorable mention Ivy Hauk.

Upper Level Art, Drawing – 1st Nathan Purvis, 1st Kylee Sears, 2nd Tanya Sayre, 2nd Paige Troutman, 3rd Jacob Graber, 3rd Kelsey Sears, honorable mention Kaylan Winn, honorable mention Ben Wiley, honorable mention Amanda Heck, honorable mention Sidney Priebe, honorable mention Kristen Williams. Mixed Media – 1st Kylee Sears and Sidney Priebe; 2nd Yvette Miller, 3rd Megan Newman and Kelsey Sears. Painting – 1st Nathan Purvis, 1st Kylee Sears, 2nd Courtney Small, 2nd Trey Crow, 3rd Trey Crow, 3rd Brett Courtright, honorable mention Leslie Mallett, honorable mention Trey Crow, honorable mention Kristen Williams. 3 Dimensional – 1st Kylee Sears, 2nd Billy Bergheger, 3rd Nathan Purvis, honorable mention Kristen Williams, honorable mention Shyanne Barton.

Vocal and Instrumental Music – Mrs. Jamie Hicks, Instructor. Yvette Miller, Brittany Youmans, Kaela Cook, Beth Dalton, Calla Davis, Michael Garrett, Rebecca Harper, Allie Phillips, Alex Renick, Brittney Spurlock, Colton Sparks, Jalisa Gray, Kristen Williams, Lacey Jack, Megan Westhoff, Andrea Shelley, Delaney Gundy, Anna Hirner, Jennifer Miller, Tayler Davis, Joni Moseley, Shelby Westhoff, Kylee Sears, Chad Consbrock, Scott Johnson, Brett Thomas, Spencer Keller.

Business – Ms. Carol McCabe, Instructor. FBLA District III Contests at Truman State University, Kelsey Frazier 2nd Business Procedures, Brandon Garnett 3rd Business Math, Ryan Auld 3rd Cyber Security, Joe Spurgeon 4th Networking, Dylan Gelbach 5th Networking Concepts.

Language Arts – Spanish Awards – Mrs. Ivonne Wiegand, Instructor. A. Spanish I – Spencer Keller, Anna Pucek, Sarah Garrett, Augusta Purvis, Ashley Westhoff; B. Spanish II – McKinsay Cooley, Kelly Lister, Shyanne Barton, Dylan Gelbach, Brett Courtright; C. Spanish III – Jeff Kice, Deidre Dochterman. Mathematics – Mr. Matt Reel, Instructor. A. Formal Geometry – McKinsay Cooley, Kelly Lister, Cheyenne Ward; B. Problems and Statistics/Trig. – Cara Trueblood and Megan Westhoff, Melissa Cotton, Christina Duzan, and Jeff Kice. Science – Mrs. Sharon Veatch, Instructor. The following students have maintained an A grade all year long, Forensics – Kaitlin Caldwell, Leslie Mallett, Nickie Neagle.

Social Sciences – Mr. Gary Hunziker, Mr. Marc Colvin, and Barbara Campbell. A. American History – Andrew Humes, Jamie Shaw, Kasey Dial, Erik Johnston, Melanie Triplett, Rod Sears. B. Government – Spencer Keller, Bethanie Grubb, Ashley Westhoff. C. Geography – Kelly Lister, McKinsay Cooley, Megan Hatfield. D. World History – Daniel Schneider, Dylan Gelbach, Kaitlin Caldwell. E. Psychology – Ben Wiley. F. Sociology – Dylan Gelbach.

Special Awards

National Scholar Athlete Award – Kirsten Johnston.

Glory Of Missouri Awards – Knowledge – Spencer Keller; Liberty – Derek Weider; Equality – Charles Elder; Law – Shannon Tobler; Justice – Daniel Schneider; Education – Kelsey Frazier; Enterprise – Brandon Garnett; Honor – Kelly Lister; Truth – Bethanie Grubb; Virtue – Shyanne Barton; Temperance – Melissa Cotton; Charity – McKinsay Cooley; Progress – Judy Stemick; Fraternity – Kyle Shelley.

D.A.R. Award – Rebecca Tague. Missouri Boys State – Dylan Gelbach. Missouri Scholars Academy – Nominee – Brooklyn Simpson. Danforth “I Dare You” Award – Spencer Keller and McKinsay Cooley. MSHSAA Award Of Excellence – Kirsten Johnston and Brandon Garnett. Freshman Citizenship – Andrew Humes and Ashley Tague. Scotland County R-I Student Council – Mr. Ken Cross. President-Brett Courtright, secretary/treasurer-Lacey Jack, junior representative-Dylan Gelbach, Courtney Small, sophomore representative-Kelly Lister, freshman representative-Becca Briggs.

Campus Bowl Awards – Mr. Sam Berkowitz. Senior-Ben Wiley, Jeff Kice, Nathan Purvis; Juniors-Christina Duzan, Dylan Gelbach, Tyler Troutman; Sophomore-Kelly Lister, Spencer Keller; Freshman-Augusta Purvis; Eighth Grade-Brock Bondurant, Elizabeth Duzan; Seventh Grade-Tyler Small, Joshua Keller, Sammi Tobler, Jennifer Miller, Brandon Monroe, Zach Miller, Thomas Shannan.

Perfect Attendance – Mr. Ken Cross. Special Presentation-Amanda Bogatzke (13 Consecutive Years of Perfect Attendance), Kristan Kaldenberg, Zachary Kapfer, Michael Moore, Jenifer Shultz, Hazel Owings, Augusta Purvis, Abbey Duley, Thomas Shannan.

Academic Honor Roll

Seniors A Honor Roll – Brett Courtright, Megan Westhoff, Lacey Jack, Ben Wiley, Jeff Kice, Leslie Mallett, Amanda Bogatzke, Nathan Purvis, Becca Tague, Jessica Baker, Nickie Neagle, Tyler Henstorf. B Honor Roll-Kellyn Wickert, Andrea Shelley, Riley Watkins, Jessica Bair, Moriah Kittle, Cody Gundy, Kaitlin Grubb, Sidney Priebe, Travis Trueblood, Joseph Spurgeon, Jalisa Gray, Megan Newman, Breanna Bair, Morgan Sites, Seth Hayes, Kristen Williams, Kirsten Johnston, Courtney Altum, Taylar Simpson, Matt Dice, Jacob Graber, Deidre Blaine, Cody Musgrove.

Juniors A Honor Roll-Shyanne Barton, Melissa Cotton, Christina Duzan, Kelsey Frazier, Kaitlin Caldwell, Dylan Gelbach, Deidra Dochterman, Cara Trueblood, Cheyenne Ward, Tanya Sayre. B Honor Roll-Kayli Johnson, Kylee Sears, Tara Matlock, Derek Weider, Andrew Duley, Zach Kapfer, Tabitha Bair, Courtney Small, Betsey Kittle, Shannan Tobler, Yvette Miller, Charley Vassholtz, Kaylan Winn, Daniel Schneider, Michael Moore, Anna Pucek, Megan Newcomer, Calla Davis, Katie Parrish, Rebecca Harper, Taylor Seppelt, Ryan Auld, Jeannie Forquer, Caleb Kittle. Sophomore A Honor Roll-Kelly Lister, McKinsay Cooley, Spencer Keller, Bethanie Grubb, Ti Waibel, Ashley Westhoff, Brooklynne Simpson, Valinda Bartow. B Honor Roll – Elizabeth Small, Megan Hatfield, Jessica Sites, Drew Giberson, Greg Steele, Brittney Youmans, Brandon Garnett, Laramie Frederick, Josie Holt, Judi Stemick.

Senior Awards

A+ Certificates-Amanda Bogatzke, Jalisa Gray, Kaitlin Grubb, Moriah Kittle, Leslie Mallett, Travis Trueblood. Tri-Rivers Conference Academic Awards-Top 17 Scholar Athletes in the Tri-Rivers Conference-#4 Ben Wiley and #11 Jeff Kice. College Preparatory Certificate-Jessica Bair, Tyler Henstorf, Joseph Spurgeon, Ben Wiley, Amanda Bogatzke, Lacey Jack, Becca Tague, Kristen Williams, Brett Courtright, Jeff Kice, Megan Westhoff. George Washington Carver Awards-Brett Courtright, Jeff Kice, Megan Westhoff, Leslie Mallett, Lacey Jack, Ben Wiley. Senior Citizenship-Riley Watkins and Lacey Jack. Senior Activities-Kirsten Johnston. Senior Leadership-Lacey Jack and Brett Courtright.

Local Scholarship Awards-Kayla Ahland Memorial Gift, $275 gift to the Scotland County High School Art Department; 4-H Council Scholarship, Megan Westhoff; Andy Clapp Memorial Scholarship, Lacey Jack; Betty Jo Shibley-Banister Memorial Scholarship, Rebecca Tague; Community Bank of Memphis Scholarship, Leslie Mallett; Epsilon Iota of Beta Sigma Phi-$300 each Brett Courtright, Megan Westhoff, Lacey Jack; Farm Bureau Insurance Scholarship, Lucinda Small; Gorin Alumni Scholarship, Ben Wiley; Heather Fogle Memorial Scholarship, Riley Watkins and Kirsten Johnston; Jason Rockhold Memorial Scholarship, Riley Watkins; J.P. and Mary Childers Environmental Scholarship, $1,200, Andrea Shelley; Jerry Johnston Memorial Scholarship, 3-$200), Kirsten Johnston, Travis Trueblood, Sidney Priebe; Leo and Arlean Paul Memorial Scholarship, $245, Deidre Blaine; MFA Foundation Scholarship (50th Anniversary), $2,000, Leslie Mallett; Memphis Funeral Home Scholarship, Riley Watkins; Michael Wagner Memorial Scholarship, Taylar Simpson; National Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship, $250, Riley Watkins, Duane Courtright Memorial Scholarship, $100, Jessica Bair; Patricia Hudnall Memorial Scholarship, $1,500, Megan Westhoff; P.E.O. Scholarship, Mrs. Shelia Berkowitz, Lacey Jack and Jessica Bair; Pepsi-Cola Memphis Bottling Company, $500, Kellyn Wickert; Pheasants Forever Scholarship, $250, Andrea Shelley; Ruth and Jesse Slavin Memorial Scholarship, $1,000, Anna Buckallew; Scotland County High School Faculty and Staff Scholarship, $350, Whitney Jayne; Scotland Rotary Scholarships, $500 each, Megan Westhoff, Lacey Jack, Tyler Henstorf, Becca Tague, Andrea Shelley; Scotland County Soil and Water Scholarship, $500, Courtney Altum, Megan Westhoff/$100, Jeff Kice and Jalisa Gray; Shawn McNamar Memorial Scholarship, $200, Riley Watkins; Shelter Insurance Scholarship, $1,500, Lacey Jack; Ted Riney Memorial Golf Scholarship, $200, Joe Spurgeon; Travis Bissell Memorial Scholarships, $200 each, Kelsey Sears, Nathan Purvis, Kirsten Johnston; Tucker-Bourn Memorial Scholarship, $245 each, Moriah Kittle and Megan Newman; VFW Women’s Auxiliary, $250 each, Lacey Jack and Kirsten Johnston; Wymon Lemmon Memorial Scholarship (Books and Lab Fees) Jalisa Gray; Xi Theta Tau of Beta Sigma Phi, $300 each, Kaela Cook, Amanda Bogatzke, Jalisa Gray, Tyler Henstorf, Jeff Kice.

College and University Scholarships

Truman State University –Amanda Bogatzke - Presidents Honorary Scholarship $1,000; Rebecca Tague–Marion Shanes Memorial Scholarship $800; University Of Central Missouri–Nathan Purvis, Red and Black Scholarship $1,000; Missouri Western State University-Joseph Spurgeon $1,000; Missouri University Of Science and Technology-Jeff Kice, Missouri Miner Scholarship $2,000; Northwest Missouri State University-Lacey Jack, Megan Westhoff, Tyler Henstorf-Tower Scholarship $1,500, Riley Watkins, Sidney Priebe, Nathan Purvis-Freshman Merit Scholarship $500; Oklahoma State University-Deidre Blaine-Nonresident Achievement Scholarship; Culver-Stockton College-Kristen Williams-Hilltop Award $30,000 over four years/Fine Arts Scholarship, Riley Watkins-Hilltop Award $30,000 over four years/Baseball Scholarship; Wartburg Opportunity Award $30,000 over four years-Wartburg College-Kellyn Wickert; University of Missouri-Kansas City-Chancellor’s Scholar Award $2,500-Jeff Kice, Brett Courtright; UMKC Leadership Award $1,000 Brett Courtright, UMKC Undergraduate Award $1,500 Jessica Bair.

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