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March 19, 2009

Energy Audit Reveals SCR-I Upgrades Are Paying Off

The Scotland County R-I campus underwent a $1.8 million overhaul during the summer of 2007, and those improvements are continuing to pay dividends according to the 2008 fiscal year energy audit.

Representatives from Control Technology and Services (CTS) presented the SCR-I district with an energy audit that was reviewed at the March 10 meeting of the board of education.

During the 2007 renovations, CTS had guaranteed the district would experience annual energy savings of no less than $37,383 through reduced gas and electrical consumption created by the lighting, heating, and cooling upgrades to the district’s buildings.

The audit showed the breakdown of costs and savings between buildings and the utilities. Previous year’s usage is compiled to determine a baseline for energy consumption with weather related changes factored in. The audit factors in electrical rates and gas prices by using the units of electricity and gas used rather than just the price.

The audit revealed the natural gas savings in the elementary building was calculated at $5,364. Natural gas savings in the high school was $14,792. High school electrical savings totaled $21,434. Additional savings for the lighting in the band and vocational buildings totaled $2,542 bringing the total savings for the district for the year to $46,868.

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