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March 19, 2009

Storms Damage Ball Diamond Light System

The recent series of storms across the region left the Scotland County R-I ball field in the dark, literally. High winds caused one bank of lights at the softball diamond to be separated from the pole, resulting in a lengthy fall and the lights ultimate demise.

During the following discussions with the school’s insurance carrier, it was determined the lighting system is approximately 45 years old.

Superintendent Dave Shalley indicated the insurance claim had been approved for the damage, but added that the district is reviewing options for lighting the field.

One option that appears less likely is installation of new lights, after the school board reviewed preliminary proposals. At the March 10th meeting the board learned that new MUSCO lights for the ball field would come with a price tag of $120,000.

“Because of the current financial concerns, we are looking for possible grants for the replacement of the lights,” Shalley said following the board meeting. “Until then we will look at the repair costs.”

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