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October 15, 2009

Firemen Pledge $1,000 Match for Carnival Fundraiser

For all those folks that said the 2009 Scotland County Fair just wasnít the same without a carnival, the Scotland County Fire Department is offering them a chance to put their money where their mouth is.

The local volunteers recently pledged to return up to $1,000 of the proceeds from the two 2009 demolition derbies to the Scotland County Fair Board.

The money, which is earmarked for the 2010 carnival, comes with a catch. The fire department has pledged to match any and all donations to the fair board carnival fund up to a combined total of $1,000, creating the possibility of up to $2,000 being raised.

The firemen are seeking additional partners in the match game, challenging other local businesses and charity clubs to place additional matching funds into the carnival fund in an effort to fuel more donations from the public.

The fair board and fire department annually partner together to produce the Saturday night finale at the fair. In 2009 in addition to the fairís Pepsi-Cola Demolition Derby, the two combined to produce a fall car crash-up fundraiser earmarked for carnival funding.

Anyone interested in making a donation, or adding to the matching fund can contact Scotland County Fair Board president Kevin Eggleston (660)465-2697 or any other fair board member.

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