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March 5, 2009


Huguette Tammam Wahba, 84, of North Woodmere, NY passed away on Monday, February 23rd at the South Nassau Communities Hospital on Long Island.

She was born in 1924 in Alexandria, Egypt. She attended a French lycee and received her baccalaureate. In 1954, she married Dr. Jack Wahba at the Ben Ezra Synagogue of Cairo.

In 1956, because of pressures from the Nasser military regime, they were forced to leave their country. They moved, with their young son, Simon, to Manchester, England to join Huguette’s already exiled family. There, in 1960 their second child, Gigi, was born. They remained in England until 1962 when they emigrated to America. After a short stay in Cincinnati, Ohio, the family moved to New York. In 1966, their youngest child, Monique was born in Brooklyn. By 1968, Huguette and Jack moved to Long Island where they continued to raise their children, explore their adopted country and, eventually, retired.

Her funeral was held on February 25th at the New Montefiore Cemetery in Pinelawn, NY.

Huguette is survived by her husband and children as well as her four grandchildren: Renay, Naomi, Lauren and Sasha. Her daughter, Gigi, resides at Sandhill Farm in Rutledge. Her husband and her other children live in New York. She was preceded in death by her parents and one sister, Roxanne.

Huguette was dedicated to her family and her community. She enjoyed cooking, baking, knitting and literature as well as service work for Hadassah and the PTA. She spoke many languages and worked both as a translator and as a French teacher. She had a flair for throwing parties where guests from many nationalities would come together. Her generosity and hospitality will be truly missed.

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