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June 18, 2009

Swim team Travels to Canton for Season Opener

The Memphis Swim Team traveled to Canton on Saturday, June 13, 2009 for the first swim meet for all athletes age 10 and under. Following are the results for Memphis swimmers:

Maddie Brassfield (age 9-10) 3rd, mixed free relay; 10th, backstroke; 5th, 50-yard freestyle; 5th, breaststroke; 6th, 25-yard freestyle.

Branton Burrus (7-8) 3rd, mixed free relay; 3rd, backstroke; 7th, 25-yard freestyle.

Clara Davis (6 & under) 7th, backstroke; 5th, 25-yard freestyle.

Claire Hite (7-8) 4th, backstroke; 3rd, breaststroke; 6th, 25-yard freestyle; 1st, mixed medley relay.

Lydia Hunt (9-10) 6th, backstroke; 6th, breaststroke; 6th, butterfly; 2nd, 25-yard freestyle; 1st, girls medley relay.

Brady Kice (9-10) 4th, backstroke; 5th, butterfly; 6th, 25-yard freestyle; 4th, mixed medley relay.

Kaitlyn McMinn (7-8) 3rd, mixed free relay; 13th, backstroke; 20th, 25-yard freestyle.

Ian See (9-10) 6th, 50-yard freestyle; 1st, breaststroke; 3rd, butterfly; 3rd, 25-yard freestyle; 2nd, mixed medley relay.

Stevi See (9-10) 14th, backstroke; 9th, 50-yard freestyle; 9th, butterfly; 4th, 25-yard freestyle; 1st, girls medley relay.

Stephen Terrill (9-10) 3rd, mixed free relay; 7th, backstroke; 9th, 25-yard freestyle.

Shelby Troutman (6 & under) 2nd, girls free relay; 8th, backstroke; 11th, 25-yard freestyle.

Avery Whitaker (9-10) 2nd, girls free relay; 17th, backstroke; 7th, breaststroke; 10th, 25-yard freestyle.

Vince Youmans (9-10) 3rd, 50-yard freestyle; 3rd, breaststroke; 2nd, butterfly; 2nd, 25-yard freestyle; 2nd, mixed medley relay.

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