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September 9, 2010

2010 Antique Fair 5K Timing Results

Seth Brown, 13 (LaPlata)--18:31
Rod Sears, 18 (Memphis)--19:06
Chandra Smith, 15 (Bloomfield, IA)--19:36
Matt Bowen, 31 (Kirksville)--20:48
Zach Miller, 16 (Memphis)--21:28
John McQuoid, 27 (Moscow Mills)--22:07
Micah Walker, 18 (Kirksville)--22:12
Summer Owens, 24 (Memphis)--22:48
Terra Pohren, 35 (Farmington, IA)--23:00
Adam Smith, 18 (Bloomfield, IA)--23:04
Zach Springer, 26 (Kirksville)--23:52
Chris Harris, 42 (Memphis)--24:52
Meagan Weber, 26 (Memphis)--25:26
Angela Hawes, 44 (Memphis)--25:37
Megan Baugh, 32 (Wyaconda)--25:38
Anna Monroe, 11 (Memphis)--25:59
Melinda Briggs, 33 (Memphis)--26:19
Loren Smith, 16 (Memphis)--26:29
Diane Smith, 50 (Bloomfield, IA)--26:34
Matthew Churchill, 25 (Lancaster)--26:35
Jason Hawes, 36 (Memphis)--27:07
Birney Belfield, 65 (LaPlata)--27:52
Shelby Westhoff, 17 (Memphis)--28:28
Lisa Murguia, 30 (Bonaparte, IA)--28:29
Abi Feeney, 11 (Memphis)--29:22
Taylor Murguia, 12 (Bonaparte, IA)--29:22
Jeremy Austin, 35 (Trenton)--29:45
Jeff Walker, 46 (Kirksville)--29:56
Susan Schmitz, 30 (Luray)--29:57
Krista Walker, 40 (Kirksville)--30:29
Maddie Brassfield, 12 (Memphis)--31:15
Sadie Davis, 11 (Memphis)--31:15
Will Fromm, 10 (Memphis)--31:41
Jane Gelbach, 58 (Memphis)--31:47
Debbie Sears, 45 (Memphis)--31:47
Grant Campbell, 11 (Memphis)--32:10
Joel Kapfer, 50 (Memphis)--32:19
Dawn Miller, 27 (Memphis)--32:20
Dani Fromm, 49 (Memphis)--33:27
Mikenzie Beckley, 12 (Memphis)--34:45
Katie Feeney, 8 (Memphis)--34:47
Madison Murguia, 8 (Bonaparte, IA)--34:53
Kirk Murguia, 39 (Bonaparte, IA)--34:54
Terry Campbell, 40 (Memphis)--34:57
Mona Beckley, 51 (Memphis)--35:44
Sharon Bradley, 54 (Baring)--38:21
Hannah Feeney, 6 (Memphis)--39:05
Shellie Jackson, 54 (Memphis)--39:14
Carol Helling, 57 (Farmington, IA)--40:42
Tisha Briggs, 32 (Kirksville)--40:58
Gene Brown, 74 (Downing)--41:07
Oleva Riney, 53 (Memphis)--41:25
Kaden Anders, 7 (Memphis)--44:33
Leland Hyde, 63 (Memphis)--45:15
Bill McRobert, 68 (Memphis)--45:15
Bruce Childress, 56 (Memphis)--45:21
Emma Anders, 4 and Tonya Anders, 34 (Memphis)--46:25
Rose Mary Briggs, 22 (Memphis)--48:23
Darl Davis, 59 (Unionville)--48:26
Linda Davis, 59 (Unionville)--48:26

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